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The ProSet® XT3 can be used in a variety of applications, setting a large range of breakstem rivets, lockbolts and sealing plug sizes. The extremely
large stroke of 26 mm allows the placement of longer rivets like Monobolt® and Interlock® in one set. The innovative, ergonomic design ensures
maximum user comfort and efficiency.

The ProSet® XT3 will set 4.0mm (5/32″) to 6.4mm (1/4”) diameter rivets in all materials. It will also set 4.8 (3/16″) diameter lockbolts and up to
9.0mm diameter sealing plugs with additional nose assembly.


  • High force-to-weight ratio
  • Quick disconnect nose housing and jaw case for easy maintenance and service
  • Clear quick release mandrel collector bottle reduces downtime
  • Integral exhaust valves for fast setting cycles


  • Class-leading lightweight construction with balanced handling
  • Comfortable, low activation force trigger
  • Adjustable vacuum exhaust direction

Economy & Safety

  • Air isolation switch during MCS removal
  • On/Off, left or right swivel air fitting minimises air consumption and noise and conserves energy
  • Rubber base designed to avoid damage
  • Latest technology lip seals maximise re-priming intervals
  • Piston bearing rings ensure maximum robustness and tool Life

Keep work areas safe and clean with minimal downtime
With the Mandrel Collection System (MCS), spent mandrels are instantly collected and with the
quick-disconnect system, disposal takes no time.

Use in virtually any workstation configuration
The ProSet® XT3 also features an innovative left or right, on/off swivel air fitting, providing
additional flexibility, conserving energy, and reducing operating costs. The quick vacuum filter
access of the MCS means undesirable air exhaust can be directed away from the operator.

No tools required for routine maintenance and cleaning
The ProSet® XT3 requires no tools for routine maintenance and cleaning. Both front and rear
end components can be serviced in minutes without removing the tool from the
production line. The patented quick-disconnect nose housing and jaw ensure rapid cleaning and
maintenance of the front end without the need for any Tools.